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Alf’s treatment at Hospital Dr Herzog in Germany

My husband through 20 years who has been part of our Curly Horse adventure since the beginning, has been diagnosed with malignant cancer of the tongue, throat both sides, both lungs, and brain or brain skin/skull. 
Read more about his diagnosis in his FundRaiser

Here comes a report from our stay so far at the hospital in Germany.

This is truly a fantastic place and the contrast from the hospital in Norway is striking. 

Click on each picture for full view.

Alf by the sign to the hospital

The entrance door, look at all the flowers, it makes you feel very welcome.

Soothing spring water by the entrance

And beautiful decorations on the wall

Coming into the reception area

Dining room where three meals are served per day. Beautiful wall paintings, lights in the ceiling that  resembles a star heaven.

Patients and relatives are eating together here. Very ill patients get food brought to their room.

The hospital has a training room with all sorts of equipment. Here is Alf together with the physiotherapist who has given him massage and a training program for his back, he is also set up to get foot reflexology. What a contrast to the hospital in Norway where nobody urged him to get up of bed and move around and where they said oh no he could not use the exercise room.

The heart of the treatment here is hyperthermia. Cancer cells cannot tolerate heat. Here they have machines for full body and local hyperthermia. While getting the hyperthermia you also are infused with high dose (7,5 grams) of vitamin C, and then a vitamin B cocktail, as well as getting oxygen.

Alf is here getting local hyperthermia for his right lung. Temperature here is 40,7 C. A treatment takes one hour, and you get one per day. So the first four days he has received one session on each lung and one on each side of throat.

11_Hospital_Library 12_Alf_checking_books_in_library
There is even a library where you can sit in peace and enjoy a good book.

At each meal we press our own juice, choosing between different fruits and vegetables. There are also fruit sallads and whole fruits in abundance to each meal.13_Sallads_and_fruit_sallads_are_provided_along_with_home_cooked_delicious_food
To each lunch/dinner meal there are delicious sallads, as well as wonderful made-from-scratch cooked foods.

Everyday Alf also receives 20 minutes of magnet therapy of the brain and tongue/throat cancer. The strong magnet fields increase circulation.

Alf also enjoys the massage chair at the local bath close by.

A view from the street, beautiful architecture.

Another house in the street.

This house totally clad in «skifer» is the tourist information close by.

This is a state kur house now a kur hotel.

Bad Salzhausen (meaning bathtown of the salt house) has been used for centuries for recreation and healing. There are plenty of springs here with very salty and mineralized water, that one can drink (tastes awful), inhalate the mist, or bath in.

Just down he street there is indoor and outdoor pools with the healing waters.

Lots of beautiful and peaceful park areas, flowers everywhere, exotic trees.

In the park there are spring houses around, with water from the different springs.

There is even a mist house where one can sit on benches on each side under the roofes and the water is constantly rinning over huge stacks of twigs, making a mist that you inhale.

Trying to get a close up of the water rinning down the twigs.

Another spring, with a description of the mineral content and the use.

A little about the treatment Alf gets here:
Hyperthermia therapy every day
Magnet field therapy every day
Vitamin infusions every day.
Next week he will start on low dose chemotherapy (cellegift)
Infusions for detoxification
Injections to strengthen immune system
Coffee enemas to clean out the toxic waste in the colon
Blood testing for cancer markers
Music therapy to help relaxing and breathing regularly
Physiotherapy, massage, foot reflexology, one-to-one traning sessions
Food especially good for fighting and preventing cancer
Conventional pain killers, medicine against nausea, blood pressure, reflux, constipation etc, around the clock nurse on duty.

Compare this to the hospital in Norway where he got only what you can read in the last line, was wasting his body away in his hospital bed, and where they planned to pull teeth and give him harsch radiation (in order to reduce the size of the tumors in his throat so they don’t suffocate him, but not give him any curative treatment) and where all the doctors told him that he was going to die soon and where one doctor even asked if he and we wanted resuscitation in case of heart/breathing failure or just let him die…. How is it possible to keep a good spirit?

Here in Germany there are beautiful surrondings, optimistic atmosphere, wonderful foods, peaceful area. We are so happy that we made it down here.


3 responses

  1. Ingunn Grøtan

    Så godt å se et annerledes behandlingsopplegg, takk for at du deler det med oss Lene. Hils Alf og si lykke til og god bedring. Sender dere gode tanker!

    10. august 2014, kl. 11:57

  2. Claudio

    Ser veldig lovende ut dette, Lene! Hils Alf!

    10. august 2014, kl. 22:33

  3. Tilbaketråkk: Oncothermia and Cancer - Dr. Dalal Akoury

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