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Foaling season

We expected two foals this year, both sired by *Kansas Dream.

Sassey foaled first. Unfortunately the foal got too little oxygen and was unconcious and not breathing. We gave him first aid and within short time he came back to life and was up and running. However he did not have a sucking reflex. At the veterinary hospital they said it still was hope as the sucking reflex can come later. So in we went after the local vet had tubed colostrum into him. Picture is from he was guided into the trailer. At the veterinary hospital the foal got oxygen, ringer and more colostrum by nasal tube. However after 24 hours of treatment there was no improvement in sucking or finding his dam, the brain damage was too much. We were very sad that we had to let him go. Sassey was fantastic all the time and allowed all those people to handle her foal, to milk her, and she did understand when it was no more hope.

Three days later Misty foaled an almost identical foal. Foal had not turned yet so came with front legs upside down but we managed to help it out. It is a strong healthy colt that is naturally gaited, curious and contact seeking. He may also be homozygous for curls.


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